The Canine Puppy

Puppies can be a lot of fun and they can also be a lot of work. Choosing the breed that is right for you is important also. Are you choosing to adopt or go to a breeder? Where are you living now and is the breed going to be okay living in the environment.

Some breeds do well in an apartment where others will not. Making a commitment to possibly the next 14 years.

Plan on buying a crate, blankets, bedding, toys and more chew toys. Don’t forget a gate, the leash, a harness and a collar. Paper towels and an enzymatic cleaner.

Look at everything in your home and start to puppy proof. Get on your knees and take a look around. What needs to be changed? Electrical cords need to be hidden. Knick knacks can be a potential danger.

Now once everything is safe you bring home the new puppy. Puppies learn to be touched. Pet them softly and gently touch the feet, the ears and let them get use to the feeling of being touched. Being touched is learned.

Plan your schedule when you are taking the puppy outside and have treats in your pocket. I have found people often forget to reward the puppy outside. Outside is where they are learning to relieve themselves. You can start a chart and time of what time you took the puppy outside. Did the puppy pee or poop and write that down. Did you reward the puppy outside. Keep track of how many accidents you cleaned up inside the home. What time was it when your puppy had the accident. Once you start doing this you will see how long in between the puppy needs to go. As the puppy ages the time will become longer.

Never leave a puppy unattended always use 100% supervision. If you can’t be with the pup, then use the crate. Use a gate to keep the pup close inside a room with you. Interrupt with a sound if you notice the pup is about to have an accident, quickly take the pup outside.

One of the services I do offer is getting the puppy started in home. Sometimes people just need help with a certain problem.

It’s not over yet! Now basic obedience training is needed.

Socializing is not all about playing with other dogs. Another step in a pup’s life.

Mecca Curtice, CDBC, CCDT, CTDI
© 2023 Mecca's All Breed Dog Training, LLC. 

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