I offer these services in Sheboygan, WI. and surrounding local areas. Private one-on-one dog training sessions.

Why choose private training sessions? Private training sessions are tailored to you and your dogs needs. They are at your home and in areas of distraction outside your home.

Basic Obedience Package: Sit, Stay, Down, Come, Loose Leash Walking this is a great start for dogs 12 weeks and up.

Advanced Obedience Package: Once your dog has learned all the basic’s this is for taking your dog to the next level with distance and duration.

Trick Training this is great for anyone looking to build a better bond with your dog.

Aggression a dog may be showing growling, snapping, lunging and more signs. Example Resource Guarding of toys, different items, including people too.

Reactive dogs that are reactive overreact to certain stimuli or situations. Example A dog is being reactive when a stranger enters the home.

Dog Bite Prevention

Sheboygan, Wisconsin 53081
United States

Reward behaviors you want!

Positive reinforcement is something the dog wants, a reward can be a verbal praise, petting, a session for playing ball, some frisbee or sniffing the ground. You will know what your dog loves, just watch closely. Find the things your dog finds rewarding and use them.  If you find your dog is turning away from a treat, that is not rewarding.

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Impulse Control

Mecca Curtice, CCDT,CTDI            
Behavior Specialist
Certified Dog Bite Prevention Educator
Sheboygan, WI.

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